Saturday, August 8, 2020

Memory down résumé lane

Memory down résumé lane It totally hit me today when I stumbled upon a copy of the Tech and an advertisement for Fall Career Fair on the back page. That means an entire year has passed. Its. Sophomore. Year. Now. Whoa. Thinking about jobs and summer and what I want to do with my life was the last thing on my mind since school started two weeks ago. I had just finished my summer internship, and have only been concerned about settling down and adjusting to my new schedule and new classes (also more on that in a later post!). But as always, everything at MIT seems to runs on its own schedule, and you never really are able to stay on top of everything. The past week has been packed with company info sessions, free food, free t-shirts, networking events, and coffee chats morning till night. Companies, indeed recruit, early and aggressively, especially around the time of MIT career fairs. One nice part about this years career fair is that we do get the day off! Last year I went to the fair in between my morning and afternoon classes, so this year I might actually have some more time to chat with companies and take my time to navigate the enormous maze thats set up in the Z Center. Heres a throwback to last years career fair: My friend Luis 19 and I kind of unintentionally twinned with checkered shirts and blue pants. Well see if we end up unintentionally twinning again this year. I also blogged about getting all the free swag here. I dont think Ill ever come close to grabbing more than 33 t-shirts in a single day, but who knows? One question Ive been asked a few times lately, though, is how to format a résumé as a freshman. Youve just graduated from high school, and you may or may not have a  résumé already. So what should you put on your  résumé when you have nothing to put on your  résumé when companies are looking for what youve done on your résumé? Hmm, good question. Luckily, I did have a  résumé handy from the college application process. (Ive blanked out some of my more personal info, i.e. my phone number, email, addres, etc.) I used this as a framework for my new, upgraded, Adult résumé, and fluffed it up a bit. Also, pro tip, as a freshman, since youre on PNR, you technically could put 5.0/5.0 as your GPA. Up top, I do include my email, phone, and address. Some have asked whether to put your current MIT address or home address. Some put both, but I initally only put my MIT address, and used my home address if I was applying for jobs back home in California. As you will see later, I no longer even include my address as way to keep my résumé clean. Halfway through the semester, I set up an appointment at the GECD office for a  résumé critique shoutout to Lily Zhang! and below was the result. Definitely take advantage of the free resources that the GECD offers beyond résumés, like mock interviews, career counseling, or LinkedIn profiles. Throughout the semester, I revised said  résumé so many times I lost track. It was a great way to procrastinate on psets, exams, and life. I switched up the fonts from sans-serif to serif, and then back to sans-serif. And each time I would have to re-adjust the margins and layout, because Fonts have different baselines, kerning, and line spacing (throwback to MAS.110 when we spent classes learning about typography), and minds of their own. The result? I have dozens of copies and revisions of different versions of the same  résumé. This fall, I have an updated version of my  résumé: But that doesnt mean Ill ever be done tweaking and reformatting the layout, or changing up the font! Ive been inspired by iOS 10s new design and am in the process of redoing my résumé (again). Yes, I probably do have better things to work on, but career fair is this Friday, right? At least thats what I tell myself. Anyway, back to the question about freshmen  résumé. Heres what has worked for me. CONTENT-wise, yes, its totally understandable that you dont have past internships in your major, several different UROPs in various research groups, or leadership in clubs that youve literally may have just joined. Just put what you have done in high school, over the summers, your hobbies, side projects, etc. I organize my resume by education, work experience, activities/volunteering, skills/interest, and awards. SIDE NOTE: just do not dump a laundry list of all the  activities that you may have done or been involved in at some point, no matter how impressive they may seem to you. You really want to include only the things that matter to you, that you can talk about at length with a recruiter at the fair or during an interview. The way I like to think of it is, if a recruiter or interviewer picked just one thing off your resume to ask about, would that be the best representation of yourself, your skillset and interests, and your biggest, most memorable achievements? Would you be able to talk about that one thing in detail and give concrete examples and narratives of how it reflects your character and personality, and how you would be a good fit as an intern or employee? If not, then take it out. Its better to have fewer things on your resume that stand out, than to have a laundry list of things that detract from your other, more impressive, experiences. This is the hardest part. Keep it to 1 page max. Once you have paired your  résumé down, include a quick summary header, which I like to think of as your hook. What is it that you want the recruiters to remember you as, and take away from one quick glance at your résumé? Moving on to, DESIGN. You want your résumé to be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. I made mine on Apple Pages. The first version I did on Google Docs. Others swear by Latex. You can fiddle around with the fonts here, add some color, maybe some lines here and there. Bold some text, italicize some, maybe even underline titles. Just make sure to keep it consistent throughout. Play around with the layout too. As you saw earlier, I went through dozens of iterations of the design of my  résumé (well, thats also because Im a perfectionist and design nerd). Finally, ask friends and upperclassmen to look over it. Theyll find mistakes and give you even more pro tips. Ive definitely uploaded my resume for an internship with a glaring typo last fall oops. Print it out to see how it looks on paper, and proofread every single detail! Oh, and a final pro tip, print dozens of copies of your newly-polished and brilliantly-designed resume well before the night before career fair. The printers will be jammed and all the paper will run out at some point, and youll have to scramble to find another functional printer somehwere on campus but that wont be easy because thousands of your fellow classmates will be doing the same because procrastination. Been there, done that. Also, get a sturdy portfolio to hold your  résumés in and to collect company fliers and business cards. Keep a pen handy too for notes, too. Thats all the tips I can think of off the top of my head, but hopefully that gives you a general overview of what a college freshmen resume can look like! Its definitely not as daunting as it looks once you get started. And then making it pretty is the fun part and worth looking forward to! Best of luck freshmen! Hope yall have a blast, and pick up some free swag too. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

How to Use the French Expression Pas de Problème

The French expression  pas de problà ¨me  (pronounced pa-deu-pruh-blem) is one that youll hear in any laid-back conversation. Literally translated, the phrase means not any problem, but any English speaker will recognize it as no problem or no worries. Its a handy phrase to know and considered  acceptable etiquette in informal speech as a means of apologizing or acknowledging an apology, as well as putting someone at ease after a gaffe. The formal version of this phrase,  il ny a pas de problà ¨me, is also acceptable in any situation. Examples Excuse-moi pour mon impatience.   Im sorry for my impatience.Pas de problà ¨me.   No problem, dont worry about it. Cest pas vrai ! Jai oublià © mon portefeuille. Oh no, I forget my wallet.Pas de problà ¨me, je tinvite.   No problem, its my treat. You can also use pas de problà ¨me to ask whether theres an issue regarding something specific: Question argent / travail, tu nas pas de problà ¨me?   Are you OK for money/work? Question temps, on na pas de problà ¨me  ?  Are we OK for time? Related Expressions Cela ne me / nous / lui pose pas de problà ¨me.   Thats no problem for me / us / him.Il / Elle na pas de problà ¨me de compte en banque  !   He / She is laughing all the way to the bank!Pas de problà ¨me, cest sur mon chemin.  Ã‚   No problem, its on my way.Pas de problà ¨me! No trouble at all!Les assurances vont tout rembourser,  pas de probleme.   The policy will cover it. Thats  not a problem.  Tu sais, si je dois partir demain, je pense que ca ne poserait  pas de probleme.   You know, if it all ended tomorrow, I think Id  be okay.Si à §a ne vous fait rien. -  Pas de problà ¨me.  Ã‚  If you dont mind. -  Fine. Synonymous Expressions Ça va. Its okCe nest pas grave. No problem. (literally, its not serious)Cela ne fait / prà ©sente aucune difficultà © Its ok.Il ny a aucun mal.  Ã‚  No harm done.Tout va bien. Its ok. (literally, everything is going well)(informal) à Ã‚  laise!   No prob! (literally, easily)(informal) Pas de souci.  Ã‚  No worries.(informal) Y a pas de là ©zard!  Ã‚  No prob! (literally, theres no lizard)(formal) Quà   cela ne tienne. That is not a problem. (literally, upon that may it not depend)

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Cómo preparar entrevista remoción condiciones greencard

La entrevista para la remocià ³n de las condiciones de la tarjeta de residencia es un requisito fundamental para convertir en definitiva la green card provisional del cà ³nyuge de un ciudadano estadounidense. Cabe destacar que dicha entrevista solo es necesaria en aquellos casos en los que el migrante recibià ³ la tarjeta de residencia con carà ¡cter condicional porque se le aprobà ³ cuando llevaba casado con el ciudadano americano menos de 2 aà ±os.   Esta residencia tambià ©n se conoce con el nombre de CR-1. En otras palabras, esto quiere decir que si los cà ³nyuges ya llevaban 2 aà ±os de casados cuando el esposo/o extranjero recibià ³ la residencia, dicha green card fue ya definitiva y no es necesario hacer este trà ¡mite. Entrevista remocià ³n condiciones de green card Solo los cà ³nyuges de ciudadanos estadounidenses que recibieron su green card antes de cumplir dos aà ±os de casados deben solicitar la remocià ³n de condiciones para convertir su tarjeta de residencia en definitiva.La entrevista a los cà ³nyuges por parte de un oficial migratorio es una pieza fundamental en el proceso de remocià ³n de dichas condiciones. La finalidad es convencer al oficial de que se trata de un matrimonio real y no de uno de conveniencia por los papeles.Si la pareja ya se ha divorciado o se ha separado las opciones para que el cà ³nyuge extranjero obtenga la green card definitiva se reducen notablemente, pero hay algunas posibilidades.  ¿Cà ³mo se inicia la remocià ³n de las condiciones de la green card? Debe solicitarse la remocià ³n de las condiciones 90 dà ­as antes de que expire la green card condicional, que tiene fecha de expiracià ³n de dos aà ±os a contar desde la fecha de su aprobacià ³n. Para ello el trà ¡mite se inicia completando la planilla I-751. Durante este proceso una de las piezas fundamentales es la entrevista ante un oficial migratorio y a la que deben acudir ambos cà ³nyuges.  ¿Quà © se puede hacer si la fecha de la cita para la entrevista resulta inconveniente? En determinadas circunstancias, Inmigracià ³n puede admitir un cambio en la fecha. Estas son las reglas sobre cà ³mo solicitarlo si no se puede acudir a la cita con el USCIS.  ¿Cuà ¡nto dura la entrevista para la tarjeta de residencia por matrimonio? La entrevista por parte de un oficial de inmigracià ³n al matrimonio formado por un ciudadano/a americano/a y su esposo o mujer extranjero dura, de media, de diez a quince minutos. Se debe responder de manera concisa a las preguntas. Es altamente recomendable no hablar de asuntos sobre los que no se ha preguntado, entre otras cosas, para evitar problemas por hablar en exceso. Si el oficial  de inmigracià ³n necesita una aclaracià ³n o mà ¡s datos, asà ­ lo dirà ¡.  ¿Hay algà ºn tipo de preguntas està ¡ndar para la entrevista para la green card por matrimonio? En realidad, no existe un listado de preguntas està ¡ndar, aunque siempre se pregunta por la fecha de la à ºltima entrada a Estados Unidos por parte del cà ³nyuge extranjero. Asimismo, son tà ­picas las preguntas sobre dà ³nde se conocieron, el nombre de los hermanos de ambos y ciertas cosas personales, sin entrar en la intimidad de la pareja ni tampoco asuntos rebuscados. Tambià ©n pueden preguntar sobre el hogar familiar, las familias respectivas, etc. Este es un ejemplo de 65 preguntas que pueden hacer en la entrevista, pero el oficial migratorio puede preguntar cualquier cosa que estime pertinente y que le sirva para determinar si se trata de un matrimonio de buena fe.  ¿Quà © documentacià ³n debe llevarse a la entrevista? Para ingresar al edificio donde tendrà ¡ lugar la entrevista es necesario llevar un I.D. oficial emitido por el gobierno. En el caso del ciudadano estadounidense puede ser la licencia de manejar, pasaporte, identificacià ³n militar, etc. En el caso del cà ³nyuge extranjero se admite su pasaporte, aunque està © expirado. Ademà ¡s, es necesario llevar el original de toda la documentacià ³n de la que se envià ³ fotocopia cuando se realizà ³ la aplicacià ³n. El fin es que el oficial de inmigracià ³n pueda comparar el original con la copia. Asimismo, debe llevarse original y fotocopia)de documentos que no existà ­an en el momento en el que se envià ³ la solicitud de tarjeta de residencia para el cà ³nyuge extranjero. Por ejemplo, ya que se trata de un matrimonio, puede suceder que hayan sido padres de un nià ±o o una nià ±a despuà ©s de la solicitud. Entonces debe llevarse copia oficial del acta de nacimiento y fotocopia de la misma. Tambià ©n deben llevarse al dà ­a la documentacià ³n sobre pago de impuestos, ingresos, etc. Asimismo, llevar fotocopias en color de las fotografà ­as de la pareja colocadas en grupos de dos o tres en una misma hoja, seà ±alando los nombres de los que aparecen en las mismas, fecha en la que fueron tomadas y lugar. Es muy recomendable que alguna de ellas tenga como objeto reuniones familiares. Se puede llevar el à ¡lbum de bodas, pero no hay que fotocopiarlo.  ¿Quà © puede suceder tras la entrevista? Es posible que se notifique justo despuà ©s de la entrevista que ha tenido lugar la remocià ³n de ls condiciones, pero es mà ¡s comà ºn es que el oficial de inmigracià ³n decida notificar por correo. Tambià ©n puede ocurrir que se solicite mà ¡s documentacià ³n. En este caso entregarà ¡ a la pareja una hoja con el listado de documentos que faltan y el plazo mà ¡ximo para enviarlos. Para evitar problemas es recomendable enviarlos por correo certificado en la que quede constancia de la fecha. Y por supuesto que el oficial de inmigracià ³n puede negar la peticià ³n de la tarjeta de residencia porque cree que puede tratarse de un fraude, en otras palabras, un matrimonio falso para conseguir los papeles. En este caso, puede haber consecuencias legales, ademà ¡s de no obtener la green card.  ¿Quà © sucede cuando la pareja se separa antes de la entrevista? Por razones varias, el matrimonio puede separarse o divorciarse antes de que la tarjeta de residencia se convierta en definitiva. En la mayorà ­a de los casos eso significarà ¡ que el migrante se quedarà ¡ sin la tarjeta de residencia y deberà ¡ abandonar Estados Unidos a menos que cuenta con otra cobertura legal que le permita mantener un estatus migratorio legal en el paà ­s. Sin embargo, cabe destacar que en determinadas ocasiones hay opciones para el cà ³nyuge extranjero para que pueda obtener una tarjeta de residencia definitiva. a pesar del divorcio, si se cumplen una serie de requisitos. A tener en cuenta: ventajas e inconvenientes de matrimonio con ciudadano Los cà ³nyuges de ciudadanos americanos pueden solicitar la ciudadanà ­a por naturalizacià ³n a los tres aà ±os de convertirse en residentes permanentes. A diferencia de lo que ocurre con el resto de los inmigrantes, que deben esperar cinco aà ±os. Por otro lado, casarse con un estadounidense no garantiza ni parar un procedimiento de deportacià ³n ni que se pueda sacar  la green card. La situacià ³n es complicada en los casos en los que el cà ³nyuge extranjero ingresà ³ a EE.UU. cruzando ilegalmente la frontera. Tambià ©n tienen un problema serio los migrantes que han sido condenados por alguna felonà ­a. En estos casos, lo recomendable es asesorarse con un buen abogado migratorio y ver si se podrà ­a calificar para un perdà ³n provisional o, si no es posible, cuà ¡les son las posibles opciones. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sculpture and Ralph Hicks Free Essays

It’s a cold and overcast day in February and a man sits alone at a park bench, at the Dotted Sculpture Park. He watches as the river splashes aggressively about, caused by the strong wind blowing that day. Perched above him on the top of a hill just a few feet from the road, sits a large-scale sculpture called â€Å"Salutation†, by Ralph Hicks. We will write a custom essay sample on Sculpture and Ralph Hicks or any similar topic only for you Order Now Standing only 6 feet tall, it’s original conception called for the sculpture to have a height 30 feet and be placed at five of the major entry. Pays leading into Toronto. They would have welcomed visitors entering the city, if Toronto had won the bid for he 2008 Summer Olympics. On the first visit to Salutation, the lack of sun casts a shadow on the face as it bends forward and faces down, displaying a feeling of sadness. Shaped from metal and grey in color, the sculpture seems to reflect a feeling of submissiveness on this dark winter day. Its block-like smooth texture contrasts to the nature surrounding it, but offers balance with its simplistic lines and movement. The large size does not intimidate, but rather holds a lonely tone, reflected by the days weather. The use of lock like pieces allows for a childlike appearance and its rounded corners allow the installation to feel friendly. If the structure had contained sharp corners with a combination of grey color and metal exterior, it would have projected hard lines and been unwelcoming. Though it appears Hicks motive for its location was to greet people as they drove by, I have to question that decision. Salutation is not only misunderstood but also neglected by motorists who do not have the ability to interpret the meaning of the piece. Neither did it receive much attention from the pedestrians walking below. The riverside path is located at the bottom of the hill and by observing a few walking bye, they did not look up towards the sculpture once. The visitors attention seemed to be directed at either the river, the other sculptures, the skyline or themselves. Thus placing more emphasis on the loneliness the piece portrays. Another visit to Salutation with the morning sunrise reflecting upon it, did deliver a more cheerful feel. But the loneliness still lingered from the prior visit and now it’s as if it was smiling but still disguising the sadness within, as many go about their days and do. The sculpture with its rhythm of playfulness and kindness, puts a smile on your face if you allowed it to. Salutation has no reference to gender, age or race and in that way it transcends and relates to all. It faces east, as if to greet the morning sun and take on the day. Later as the sun sets behind it with it’s head bowing down, one feels a sense of it speaking and silently saying, â€Å"goodbye† and â€Å"well done† at the end of the day or a long Journey. A metaphor for life, from dawn till dusk. The salutation action is an attitude of respectful courtesy, which is conveyed through a human form. Salutation the sculpture by Ralph Hicks, assembled with the simplicity of irregular blocks, conveys a commanding presence and attitude. As it bows its head to passing travelers, Hicks tells us little about the model, providing no indication of race, social class or gender. Salutation is indiscriminating to viewers and offers the same greeting to all. Born in London, England in 1941 Ralph Hicks moved to Toronto at the age of 26. He first developed an interest in sculpture while still a student after seeing large-scale bronze sculptures by Roding, Liaise and Matisse at New Work’s Museum of Modern Art. Hicks graduated from the University of Bristol and Harvard Business School and worked in the marketing and management field till 1996, where he then committed full time to his current passion of sculpture art. He works out of a studio he built in Mule Hills, Ontario and spends his summers carving stone outside, and works with other material in the studio during the colder months. Hicks designed art with a variety of material such as, soapstone, limestone, wood, bronze, traditional plaster, polished aluminum rod, clay and even whimsical vinyl tubing. A lot of his work is tone carving that requires power tools to do the bulk of the work, but obtaining the final finish is the most time consuming part of the process. Hicks designs large-scale pieces because he feels size has impact and public installations are seen by many people and that’s rewarding to him as an artist. He creates sculpture for his own satisfaction, but what makes him happiest, is when he hears how a completed piece makes people feel. With his art he has no rules and that’s what makes it exciting to him. Salutation is Art, and Art is Salutation with simple cuboids who gives away little information, acknowledges your presence with a friendly bow and asks nothing in return, but causes a lasting impression. How to cite Sculpture and Ralph Hicks, Papers

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Corporate Governance and Organisational Structure

Question: Describe about corporate governance and organisational structure. Answer: Introduction: Corporate Governance is mainly that system according to which a company is controlled or directed. In a simple way, the Corporate Governance provides us the clearest picture of the role of the leaders of an organization that they play in the establishment of effective practices. These leaders are among the board of directors who make the long term strategy of the company in order to extract best output (Bhasa, 2015). This Corporate Governance is a very important factor behind the success of a company. At Whitbread, it covers all the business aspects. Corporate Governance and Organisational Structure: The company is maintaining the highest level of governance in order to manage transparency, loyalty and integrity within the company. Whitbread has mainly included the successful process of chairman, the Boards internal evaluation, internal, inspection of the employees role and talents, and the periodic review of the working style of board members. The company manages to review all the developments and aim for the high standard of Corporate Governance that is related to the companys growth as well. Organisational structure is a hierarchy that is used in an organization. It specifies functions, responsibilities in the organization (Abdullahi, Enyinna and Stella, 2010). Organisational structure is required to meet the companys long term goals. It defines how the work is distributed among all the employees. Whitbread has ten members in Board in which it includes the chairman, senior independent director and chief executive. Mr. Andy Harrison is the CEO of the company (Makgetlangeng, 201 0). Richard baker is the chairman of the Board. The Board of member contains diversified skills, experiences and backgrounds. Five directors pertain to retail sector, eight are from international sector, four are from financial sector, two are from travel and hospitality sector, rest is from marketing, legal, technology and human resources. The responsibility of the growth and success of the company goes to the board. The board need to ensure the effective monitoring in the risk prone areas. The chairman and the chief executives have set the rules of the duties to perform that are decided by the board. Chairman of the company is like a leader of the board. His duty is to look after the agenda of the strategy, business planning and annual budget (Kwee, 2011). Their responsibility is to maintain healthier relationships with the major shareholders of the company. He has to ensure that members of the board clearly understand the point of view of major shareholders. He ensures the open c ulture and debate around the table. He leads the annual evaluation of the board, committees and the directors. On the other hand chief executive is responsible for the performance of the company. His duty is to assure the appropriate communication with the employees and shareholders (Makgetlangeng, 2010). Chief executive focuses on the profit of the company in order to attract the shareholder value. He ensures to have a team with high competency. He ensures the placement of appropriate calibre employees to the correct place. Senior independent director supports the chairman. He also resolves the queries of the shareholders if there are any concerns and normal channels are not able to resolve the same. He is directly contactable or may be contacted through the general counsel. The executive directors devote their full time to the company. They have their own set of duties. They serve the company in their full capacity and seniority, generally on the matter of policy and key business areas (Mndzebele, 2013). The executive directors have the charge of the day to day business activities of the company. They also look after the strategy implementation and the operational activities. They are generally recruited by the Board of directors. The non executive directors are not the full time employee of the company. They do not indulge themselves in day to day running business of the company. They serve full time duties at somewhere else. They charge fees from the company for their part time services. The non executive director is responsible for the performance of the management of the company (O'CONNOR, 2012). The board is generally assisted by the committees such as Audit committee, Nomination committee and the Remuneration committee. The audit committee is liab le for the internal controls, the compliance matters, the shareholder reporting and the reporting to external auditors. The remuneration committee works upon the remuneration of the senior employees of the company. Apart from this the external directorship, insurance, training and development, evaluation, relations with the shareholders of the company also play a vital role in the Corporate Governance of Whitbread PLC (O'Regan and Ghobadian, 2010). Pest Analysis: After a great success in the UK market, Whitbread wants to expand its business in West Africa. Here we will discuss about the scope of the expansion of business in West Africa for its Premier Inn (Hotel Chain Industry). To better understand the scope for the business expansion, we will go for the PEST analysis (Parker, 2000). PEST analysis is basically a business tool that is used for the measurement of the scope. It is a brainstorming exercise which helps to find out the pros and cons for the setup of a business in a specific area. West Africa geography is a democratic constitutional republic. The region is the fastest growing in the world. There is a lot of difference between the old West Africa and the new West Africa is famous for Petrol and natural Gas. It has a huge business scope. Ghana in West Africa is the worlds largest Gold and Diamond producer and the second largest place for the production of cocoa in the world. Nigeria is also famous for its oil production (Schneider an d Fassin, 2012). Political Environment: The political issues have not greater impact on the hotel industry as its impact is very short term. The Political analysis explains that the demand of Hotels in West Africa is quickly recovered even after political instability, as it had not affected the economy, buying behaviour of consumers, servicing of product etc. Most of the countries in West Africa have political stability. It is worth to expand the Hotel chains here. However the geography is moving towards the stable political environment, but due to the poor structure, the corruption is a significant problem. Anti corruption laws are not implemented successfully yet (Sibanda, 2012). The effect of political disturbance is comparatively less from economical instability in the Hotel Industry. However the political disruptions all depend upon the diplomatic media, travelling and perception of consumers. Economic Environment: The downturn or uplift in the economic situation is one of the most challenging situations for the Hoteliers. They must need to balance the cash flow related to short term needs and price, product and services as well. As it is an on-going process for each and every location. It is no harm to start up the new chain in the continent like West Africa where economy has up and downs. West Africa was trapped with the crisis recently. Despite the crisis, the macroeconomic view is very motivational to invest in West Africa. It has managed to achieve six percent of growth in 2014 that is already the two points more from the continental average. The growth is now expected to be at 6.1 % in 2016, followed by 5% in 2015. Nigeria growth has touched the figure of 6.3%. Cote de voire is at 8.3% of GDP in 2014 (Sylla, 2014). Niger, Togo and Benin have sustainable growth. In Ghana economy is little bit contracted. The continent has some challenges ahead, but it also has the brighter prospects. Even against all the unfavourable condition it has the appreciable dynamism. Nigeria is providing free trade zones to the investors. Moreover According to The Companies Income tax Act has been modified in order to attract investors for the investment in the country. Relief in tax is also a facility for research and development in West African countries. Social Environment: The population is on a very higher side in West Africa. It may be taken as opportunity for the Whitbread as the manpower may get available at cheaper rate. The continent is facing the issues at the highest level in terms of the composition of the population. (Devereux and White, 2010). The increasing population and the trend of urbanisation are basically the reason for change in the social environment in West Africa. At the very start of the 20th century the population in West Africa was about 118 million that was 7.4% of the world population. In 1980 to 2000 it had reached to 797 million, which is 13 % of the globes population. By 2020, it is expected to grow like anything. The growth is 3.5% per annum in terms of population, which is highest in the world (Williamson, 2015). This fastest growth in population and urbanisation has resulted into the degradation of the environment and depletion of resources. The natural resources are limited while users are increasing day by day. In the last 20 years, The Africans generation has got younger. They are posing the new hurdles to the ecosystem. So, the availability of the young generation in West Africa is a positive sign for the plan of establish business of hotel industry in the region as the manpower is the primary requirement in order to setup a business. Technological environment: Most of the countries like Ghana, Nigeria are very strong via technology. Young generation is skilled enough. There is no need for the outsourcing of skilled employees for the Hotel chain. It would be smooth enough to run a business in the continent where the employees are easily available as the availability of the manpower direct affects the profitability of the business. Most of the West African countries are searching for the upcoming opportunities posed by the latest technology. The countries in the West Africa have recognised about the value for ICT, It will not only help to stimulate the economy but it is also helpful in managing the environment. The countries are also investing in the same. For an example Ghana is utilising ICT in order to facilitate the environment in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (Opio-Odongo and Woodsworth 2010). The West Africa is a continent that consists diversified countries. It is enriched with the technological aspect. In Ghana, Eight public u niversities are there for science and technology, mines and technology etc (Collins, 2013). That is why in lack of the job opportunities, migration is taking place in West African countries (Cobanoglu, Dede and Poorani, 2011). Business expansion in terms of Hotel series will flourish as technology; especially in the telecom industry is very fast in West African countries Competitive Environment: According to World Bank report the regional actors mainly the community related to economy of West African countries are playing significant role. The World Bank says that the development policies are playing a critical role in bringing stability in West African continent. It includes better management of land, improve in managing the migrants. Eight global chain hotels like Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Radisson, Kempinski etc. are already available in the market of West Africa. The situation of the hotel in the West Africa is not so good and this can be taken as a golden opportunity for Whitbread to start a new Hotel industry in West Africa. Country Cte dIvoire is probably leading to an investment scope. It has a number of international hotels but some of them need to be refurnished and reframed (Hutchison, 2011). On the other hand the Ghanas economy is the fastest growing economy. It also possesses a large number of hotels, but some of them are not up to the level of the travel and tourism. In fact, they are considered as a lack of quality accommodation. Even some people are lending their houses to the tourists. Both the countries present opportunities to the new comers in hotel industry. Nigeria is the most popular country of West Africa (KU, 2014). It also has ample of international chain hotels. Some of them are under constructions. Still the customers demand is not getting fulfilled. They are not getting the affordable and luxurious room with the best services. The rates are on higher side for a common man. It also reflects the opportunities on the rivalry prospective to enter in the continent like West Africa. The relatively young population is continuously attracting the foreign investors. Same is the story of Togo. Togo has small hotels. Through which few are graded. Hence the Premier Inn the graded hotel series has a wider scope in West Africa. The boutique hotel concept is the biggest threat to the Whitbread. The initiative the boutique hotel is stepp ing in Ghanas sector of hotels. Apart from this the chained hotels like Radisson, Marriot; Sheraton, etc. are also a threat for the Whitbread PLC. The trend of providing the homes to the visitors on rent for a few days is also a challenging issue for the hotel industry in West Africa. The rent would be very cheap for the consumer as compare to the Hotel rooms. The Whitbread PLC is seeking to expand its business in West Africa. After attaining the target market in the UK and China, the company is exploring business in another region. There are a lot of challenges that the company has to face due to its competitors. The Hotel Industry is continuously going through instability and uncertainty for some time. It has to be operative in the consumer driven environment. A cut throat competition is prevailing in Hotel Industry now days. Hotels are called the complicated organisation that creates value for their customers and investors with the services and the latest technology. Travel and t ourism are on the high side in West Africa that is why the expansion of the Hotel Industry Premier Inn is a wise decision of Whitbread in West Africa. The performances of Hotels are not only driven by the services they offered to their clients it is also linked to the parallel sectors such as tourism, airlines, travel company, the seasonal demand, etc. For decades West Africa remained a prime attraction for the visitors due to the game reserves. The commercial countries of continent like Nigeria, Ghana lacks the number of rooms for the visitors. The demand is more than supply. Even the regional business man who visits the region for the business is paying too much for his stay. Hoteliers are even worried because they are not able to meet the demand. They are flying here and there for the tie up with others in this regard. Even Marriotts has dealt with Protea, Which later on established as the Africas biggest Chain of Hotels. Recommendations: The international hotel series face an issue of language. The continent contains a population of approx one billion people that are split into several countries. Each country has their own mother tongue, which means a number of legal systems and languages. This is a little bit difficult for the new entrant. As discussed earlier, there is incentives and even tax rebate in Nigeria for the foreign investments. In West Africa, Foreign investments are always welcomed, but some restrictions are there in selected sectors. Some Countries in West Africa are planning to develop new economic sectors in order to avoid the economical up and down. The privatization is taking place on the continent. They are creating a legal framework for the management of the wealth of the countries. Further their motto is to hedge the import and export in order to maintain stability in micro economic. In this dynamic and interconnected environment, Whitbread needs to be prepared for the upcoming business distract ions. A risk management strategy should be there to survive in a continent like West Africa. The Hotel industry is totally dependent upon the socio economic environment, political environment and other environmental factors. Preparing for an unpredictable shock is advisable to the organisation. Identification of the risk is very important for a newcomer (Barreda and Bilgihan, 2013). The company should plan how to respond to the uncertainty. Thus in order to the continuity of business the planning of frame work is very important to minimise the risk. The management should have an entrepreneurial and strategic approach to move ahead in the market in order to increase market share. The healthy relations with the Government and regulators of the continent are necessary as a part of the financial and fiscal support. In order to conclude, as per the detailed study of PEST analysis, the Corporate Governance and Organisational structure of the company, the threats by rivals and the substitu tes, being a consultant it is always advisable for Whitbread to expand its business in international market of WestAfrica (Basedau and Pierskalla, 2014). Conclusion: In the above detailed study, we have discussed about the political, economical, social and technological environment in the continent West Africa. As per economical environment now the situation is better than before. The political situation is also stable, when we talk about the technology sector. Mainly there are two types of technology companies in West Africa. One set of the company includes the relations with the traditional government sectors. The second type of companies is the high technology company that provides the services for food production, energy, health care etc. The fact is that they are comparatively less experienced company with their professional experience. About the socio economic environment, the population of West Africa is on very higher side. The mass of the young generation is suffering from HIV/AIDS. The migration is very common in West Africa. Education level is also comparatively low. This cannot be considered as a hurdle for the Hotel Industry as if th e region is losing the skilled profession due to the migration. It is also receiving unskilled manpower on cheaper rates. West Africa has become a battle ground of the new comer hotel. References Abdullahi, M., Enyinna, O. and Stella, A. (2010). Transparency in Corporate Governance: A Comparative Study of Enron, USA and Cadbury PLC, Nigeria.The Social Sciences, 5(6), pp.471-476. Barreda, A. and Bilgihan, A. (2013). An analysis of userà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ generated content for hotel experiences.Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 4(3), pp.263-280. Basedau, M. and Pierskalla, J. (2014). How ethnicity conditions the effect of oil and gas on civil conflict: A spatial analysis of Africa from 1990 to 2010.Political Geography, 38, pp.1-11. Bhasa, M. (20[o15). BUMI Plc: Case of Contrasting Governance Cultures?.South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, 4(2), pp.240-250. Cobanoglu, C., Dede, P. and Poorani, A. (2011). An Analysis of Skills and Competencies of Full Service Hotel Technology Managers.Journal of Teaching in Travel Tourism, 6(4), pp.19-35. Collins, J. (2010). WHITBREAD PLC v TIMOTHY JOHN FALLA.European Law Reports, 5(2), pp.150-164. Devereux, S. and White, P. (2010). Social Protection in Africa: Evidence, Politics and Rights.Poverty Public Policy, 2(3), pp.516-540. Devereux, S. and White, P. (2010). Social Protection in Africa: Evidence, Politics and Rights.Poverty Public Policy, 2(3), pp.516-540. Gmbaro, A., Fiszman, S., Gimnez, A., Varela, P. and Salvador, A. (2014). Consumer Acceptability Compared with Sensory and Instrumental Measures of White Pan Bread: Sensory Shelf-life Estimation by Survival Analysis.Journal of Food Science, 69(9), pp.S401-S405. Hutchison, M. (2011). Territorial Threat and the Decline of Political Trust in Africa: A Multilevel Analysis.Polity, 43(4), pp.432-461. KU, E. (2014). FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION AND SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IN HOTEL INDUSTRY: A MULTILEVEL ANALYSIS.Int. J. Info. Tech. Dec. Mak., 13(01), pp.175-196. Kwee, Z. (2011). The influence of top management teams corporate governance orientation on strategic renewal trajectories: a longitudinal analysis of Royal Dutch Shell plc, 1907-2014.Strategic Direction, 27(11). Makgetlangeng, S. (2010). South African Economic and Trade Policy in Africa: A Critical Analysis.African Journal of Political Science, 8(2). Mndzebele, N. (2013). Attitudes of Hotel Managers Towards EC in South Africa.IJIET, pp.63-66. Moon, T., Whitbread, P. and Dortmans, P. (2013). Portfolio analysis for defense: taking account of networking.Defense Security Analysis, 29(1), pp.76-84. O'CONNOR, P. (2012). AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF HOTEL CHAIN ONLINE PRICING STRATEGIES.Information Technology Tourism, 5(2), pp.65-72. O'Regan, N. and Ghobadian, A. (2010). A serial successful strategic transformer of businesses.Journal of Strategy and Mgt, 3(1), pp.72-78. Parker, A. (2000). Acquisition Integration A Formula for Success: The Integration of Swallow into the Whitbread Hotel Company.Tourism and Hospitality Research, 2(3), pp.281-286. Schneider, H. and Fassin, D. (2012). Denial and defiance: a socio-political analysis of AIDS in South Africa.AIDS, 16, pp.S45-S51. Sibanda, O. (2012). Social pain and social death: poor white stigma in post-apartheid South Africa, a case of West Bank in East London.Anthropology Southern Africa, 35(3-4), pp.81-90. Sylla, N. (2014). From a marginalised to an emerging Africa? A critical analysis.Review of African Political Economy, 41(sup1), pp.S7-S25. Williamson, B. (2015). Digital methodologies of education governance: Pearson plc and the remediation of methods.European Educational Research Journal, 15(1), pp.34-53.

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An inspector calls is set in entirely one room Essay Example

An inspector calls is set in entirely one room Essay In this essay Im going to explain how the writer priestly creates tension during the play. This essay will also explore different dramatic devices for example juxtaposition, plot, subtext, dramatic irony, setting, Lighting Props, Exits and entrances stage directions to explore how these create tension. Priestly uses lighting to create and maintain tension throughout the play for example he writes lighting should be pink and intimate. The use of the words pink intimate tells us that the mood in the room is calm and positive. Also by using the choice of colour pink it makes the room feel like a dream world and everything is happy. This could be that the colour pink seems that we are looking through rose coloured glasses this suggests that it is far too over the top in its positivity, another meaning for the colour pink is that it is very romantic and the imagery suggests things like roses this could make the audience feel that the couple are very much in love This is because they are celebrating Gerald Shelias wedding proposal but that mood is soon shattered starts to show the tension as soon as the inspector arrives. We will write a custom essay sample on An inspector calls is set in entirely one room specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on An inspector calls is set in entirely one room specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on An inspector calls is set in entirely one room specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The words brighter and harder suggest danger and makes things more tough. The word brighter suggests that its like a spotlight which is harsh bright which is searching, this would make the audience feel pressured to answer the questions this also suggests the idea of the spotlight searching as if the inspector is looking for something. This therefore also emphasis the idea of police and it makes the birling family look and feel like criminals. In fact, a lot of this play puts a spotlight on the birlings and the audiences, making them question their own morals and their own actions. Priestly also uses setting to create tension, for example we are told the birlings are living in a fairly large suburban house which is however not cosy and homelike this suggests that the scene did seem positive at the start but the not cosy creates tension by suggesting that the family may live in a big house but they arent happy. And it almost suggests that the house is too big to be cosy. This is the dramatic device of juxtaposition by putting the not cosy and homelike together. Another way the dramatic device creates tension is when Priestley writes heavily comfortable this shows tension because it might be suggesting that the house is too comfortable heavily which could suggest that there house is too comfortable because its such a big house could make the audience feel like they have intruded with the awkwardness going on. The other interpretation of this is that a heavily comfortable house is simply very comfortable, but perhaps they are weighed down by all their wealth. The writer uses the structure of the play to create tension I know this because in a early speech, the inspector states that a young woman died the writer is setting up the murder mystery for the audience to figure out right from the first scene. This is also a harsh fact that a young woman is dead this could make the audience feel quite scared and shocked, this therefore creates tension. Priestly also uses the dramatic device of imagery by using the image of strong disinfectant burnt her insides out of Course this creates a very horrible image for the audience but this could also make the audience feel sad and sorry for the young girl. Using the words strong and burnt make the scene much more serious this creates tension because the audience want to know why the inspector is here why he is telling them this. Using the words burnt strong most probably link to the kind of horrific imagery Priestley saw at war. This is why Priestley wrote this play to warn people that if we dont care for each other this is what will happen to the rest of us. This might make the audience relate to the bad things that they have done in the past and make them feel bad. Another good example of using structure to create tension is at the end of act one when Sheila Gerald face the inspector: the inspector appears looking steadily and searchingly at them Inspector: well? . By using the words steadily Searchingly it makes the inspector seem stern and that he is searching (just like before) for an answer almost like a spot light searching for an victim to answer all his questions. This could make the audience feel intimidated by the inspector and that they dont want Shelia to incriminate Gerald. By using the questioning of Well? the writer creates a cliff hanger. This therefore creates tension because the audiences want to know the answer to the question of how Gerald involved in all this? Another way this creates tension is the way the inspector acts for example when he says well? he could make it sound like a command word (an imperative) with his short snappy questions which could make the audience feel that he is rude, or simply establish his status at the beginning of act two as very high. Another way priestly uses structure to create tension is when priestly writes we hear the front door, they wait looking towards the door. Eric enters looking extremely pale distressed by using the words extremely pale distressed it makes the scene seem more tense because It make Eric look like the victim because he is acting distressed and he looks pale so this makes the audience think it was him. By using the dramatic devices of dramatic irony creates tension this is because the audience know that it was Eric but Eric doesnt know that they know it was him. This is therefore a cliff-hanger because the audience want to know how Erics secret will unravel. Another example is when priestly writes there inquiring stares this makes the rest of the family seem like they have all ganged up on Eric this could make the audience feel sorry for him because they already know it was him. Although the audiences are made to feel empathy with the character they are also asked to realise the errors hes committed and to judge him (and perhaps themselves). The family relationships which inevitably occur create much of the plays tension. Sheila comments I hate to know how much he knows that we dont know yet this is good evidence because it displays the dramatic device of dramatic irony because the audience know what he knows but the characters dont. For example he is the catalyst for all the different break downs like when Erics drinking problem is revealed they find out that Eric made Daisy Renton pregnant this breaks down the family relationships because they all feel ashamed of Eric. This could make the audience think that the inspector is there just to stir things up that he is a character used as a device to cause tension between the other characters. This maintains the tension because the audience wants to know what the next thing they will find out is. A lot of the characters in this play eventually feel guilty for causing the death of Eva Smith and this provides an interesting link to the context of the play because priestly wanted to write about how wars begin and he is saying that because they argue so much are so selfish and treat other people badly because these characters display the selfishness and greed which leads to war. So therefore this a warning of what can happen if we dont care for each other just like World war one two, both of which priestly lived through and was disgusted by. The characters exits and entrances also maintain the plays tension, for example in act two, Mrs birling enters, briskly and self confidently, quite out of key by using the words briskly self confident it makes Mrs birling seem that shes more important then everybody else. This could make the audience feel that she looks down on others because of her class and could cause audience members to dislike her. It Also makes her seem that she is challenging the inspector thats she knows she will win because she loves herself a bit too much. By preistly writing quite out of key this suggests thats she is not in the same mood as everyone else this juxtaposition of moods creates tension and therefore immediately Sheila is embarrassed. If the audiences were too pick up on this they might sense that the family arent too close because of the way Mrs birling made her daughter feel so embarrassed they would think that this family is rather deranged. Another way priestly creates tension by using exits and entrances Is when the inspector exits in his lat monologue I know this because priestly writes if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire blood and anguish this speech that the inspector says is designed to teach people that we are all responsible for each other. When the inspector says that people who dont learn will be taught in fire blood and anguish shows that the inspector is exaggerating to make the family worry before he leaves because therefore priestly is leaving his audience with something to think about just like the inspector. By using the words fire blood anguish makes us think of hell which could make the audience think they where to go to hell if they were selfish and if they didnt respect each other. SO basically even after the inspector has left he is still creating tension all because of the way he left. .. Another character who is aware of his own class and ego is Mr Birling- when he states, were in for a time of steadily increasing prosperity this suggests that things are going to get better for the birling family but actually there not because soon after the inspector comes along and turns there happy world upside down. On another level, birling is talking economically and suggesting the whole country is going to be prosperous, another inaccuracy since the audience knows war rationing is just around the corner. Another way he Shows Dramatic irony is when priestly writes I say there isnt a chance of war this is dramatic irony because ww1 and two is about to happen and the audience know it is since they are watching in 1945 or after. This could therefore make the audience think that hes a bit of an idiot. This could also make the dislike him because hes acting better than the other characters as if he doesnt care. I think priestly is making a point about selfish rich people saying that they are all the same; almost stereotypical. As if the bad things such as war are due down to the fault of the selfishness of those rich people. Another way priestly creates tension through dramatic irony is when birling says unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable about the titanic this shows that birling thinks hes so sure of himself and that he Is always right when actually the audience know for sure that the titanic does sink, killing thousands when birling said that everything will be great. This could make the audience feel sad because they know already that the titanic has already sunk but also think that hes stupid and egotistical and ensure that he is not a character they admire or trust. Priestly uses context to create tension he has the inspector say to Mrs birling , you admit being prejudiced against her case? By Mrs Birling Admitting to being prejudiced we find out that Mrs Birling is just as bad as the whole family because its partly her fault that Eva smith killed herself. The writer uses this admission to show that there was a big gap between the rich and the poor people were selfish and didnt care for society. I believe priestly is saying that if we dont care for each other then things like this will happen to us. This could make the audience ashamed of Mrs B because she had treated somebody badly, and make them consider their own actions towards others. Another way Priestly uses context to create tension is when Shelia and Gerald start arguing. With Sheila stating, Why you fool. This relates to context because preistly wanted to write about how wars began and this was a perfect example because all the fights at some level, have the potential to lead into war. This Therefore creates tension because the audience can link everything thats going on in the play to real life, and comprehend the warnings of the play. Priestley uses sound effects to create and maintain tension I know this because in the text he writes sharp ring of a front door bell when the inspector first arrives. By using the words sharp ring suggests it was loud and that it rudely cuts into the conversation and interrupts birlings speech. This could also have an effect on the audience by making them jump because they were so drawn into the speech. This means that the inspector could also have this sort of effect on them too. This therefore creates tension because everything else is silent as the front bell rings and the audience want to know who is at the door. This makes the audience intrigued. In Mr Birlings speech at the beginning of the play, he proudly states that as a hard-headed businessman he thinks there isnt a chance of war so priestly interrupted him because he might of wanted to shut him up because he was making such a fool of himself priestly already knew and he wanted to display the moral of this story Which is the fact of society how we as people treat each other. The door is used to similar effect later in the play with gerald they watch him go in silence. We hear the front door slam. By using the word silence suggests that the atmosphere is sad and everybody is depressed and ashamed. But this also makes the tension very high because Geralds secret has just been revealed and theyre all standing there, this could make the audience feel shocked and appalled at what they have just seen. By using this silence creates a sort of awkwardness for the audience. By using the word slam creates an aggressive atmosphere for the audience. This is also the technique of onomatopoeia. This loud noise breaks the silence and almost breaks the tension by surprising and waking the audience up alerting them to the high emotion the characters are feeling. As well as sound there is also silence which is sometimes more effective then sound we can see that when priestly writes Eric enters and the others are staring at him this is when Eric has just entered after the rest of the family were talking about him. This silence creates tension by the suspense because the audience are waiting for somebody to say something. Finally, perhaps one of the most effective devices in the whole play is the way priestly utilises the character of the inspector to maintain high levels of tension. In the inspectors final monologue preistly writes we are responsible for each other. if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish by using the words fire and blood and anguish This is the linguistic device of imagery which seems to suggest that if we dont care for one another we will be taught to in hell or through our deaths. This connects to the way of the main message of the play by priestly writing responsible for each other he is saying that this will happen to us if we dont care about each other. Birling was saying be selfish but priestly disagrees with the attitudes he gives to birling. The inspector says care for one another and preistly agrees with the ideas of the inspector. Another way the character of the inspector creates tension is when we find out the inspectors name Goole which is like ghoul which could mean ghost, this suggests that the inspector was actually a ghost and was never there in the first place and that he was just there to make them think about what they have done, that it was a warning of what can happen if they continue treating society and people badly. This creates tension because the audience want to know was he real or not? In conclusion I think that the plays main message was that if we didnt care for the society and the people around us we could be the reason bad things happen. This therefore reflects on the time the play was written, because at this period of time there was a big gap between the rich and the poor and people were selfish; in this play it shows that between the birling family and Eva smith that they couldnt care less about her until she was dead. Another way it reflects priestly views was that at that time there were lots of factories where people got treated badly just like Eva smith did before she committed suicide. The Inspector calls is set entirely in one room I think priestly was successful in doing this by creating tension because this creates the feel of claustrophobia as if they are trapped, nowhere to go until the answer is revealed this obviously creates tension because its almost like a bribe If you answer my question, you can go. And youre trapped unless you do.

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The Fragrance of Advertising †Marketing Essay

The Fragrance of Advertising – Marketing Essay Free Online Research Papers The Fragrance of Advertising Marketing Essay Advertising is often considered in adding in the development of stereotypes in our society. Ads cover everything from the classic â€Å"women in the kitchen routine,† to the man being portrayed as the tough rugged individual. As our society becomes more accepting the ads have become increasingly sexual, from women lying nearly nude in provocative positions to men posing shirtless with their legs open. These styles are all prevalent in the nations leading magazines, including Cosmo and Maxim. As I searched through these various magazines I saw this style repeated many times in one particular product advertisements. I noticed that more often than not, ads for perfume were highly sexualized. I choose two in particular, which follow the highly sexualized ad stereotype, as well as one that would appear to negate the repeated theme witnessed by our culture, that will be the thesis of my essay. The first ad is for Davidoff â€Å"Cool Water† perfume. This particular ad represents Susan Bordo’s idea of a stabilizing image. In this sense, the particular ad helps to contribute to our society’s view of a woman. A young beautiful woman, shown nude, lying on her stomach is certainly the way women are preferred to be seen. In order to sell their product the advertisers use this beautiful woman to have their product seem more appealing, much like any clothing ad where a skinny model is used to show off the latest pair of jeans. The advertisers hope that when other women see a beautiful model they will believe that the perfume is responsible for her beauty. The shape of the bottle poses another issue. The curves of the bottle are much like the curves of a beautiful woman. The bottle could represent the missing lower half of the model shown here. The skinny top signifying her tight stomach slowly curving into her full hips. Regardless of why the bottle is there, it still represents the beauty of a woman. The ad is a contributor to the stereotypical view of women in our society. The next ad is for Dior â€Å"Jadore†. Once again this is a stabilizing image of our society. Another young, beautiful, slightly more clad, woman is enticing you to purchase this product. This skinny model looks as if to say â€Å"You can be beautiful like me, all you need is a bottle of Jadore.† Advertisers know that all women have issues with their body and clearly exploit this fact. There are very few women in this world who would not want to look like these models. Advertisers try to connect owning their product with being as flawless as the women used to promote it. They manipulate a woman’s perception of beautiful in order to market their product more effectively. As in the previous ad, the bottle shown here is again curvaceous, another symbol of the beauty attainable by using this product. Also predominant in both ads is the use of water. In the first ad crisp blue water, matching the models eyes, with waves crashing in the distance fills the picture. The Dior ad has a more tranquil look to it. The model is immersed to her chest in a brilliant gold liquid, this time matching with her hair as opposed to her eyes. The gold color adds to the beauty of the women as well as to the appeal of the perfume. There are, however, ads out there that seem to be contrary to the normal stereotype. Referred to as â€Å"Destabilizing Images† by Susan Bordo, they often portray a man or woman in an environment contrary to our cultural beliefs. For example, it may show a man cooking dinner, or a woman in her corporate outfit working in the office. These images are not usually the first to come to mind when you think of the traditional roles of both men and women. In the Adidas ad for their fragrance â€Å"Moves† destabilizing images are present. First you notice that the women are not only clothed, they are also dressed in rather â€Å"sporty outfits.† The girl on the right has on capris and a sports bra, implying that she is actively involved is some form of athletics. The girl on the left, even though she is seen in a bikini top, is a shown wearing soccer shorts, also resulting in the athletic type of appearance. Their environment is also different. They are shown jumping on trampolines as opposed to the classic â€Å"deserted beach† look. These variations result in an ad removed from the previous stabilizing images that break away from the stereotypes of society or does it? If you take a closer look you can still see the young beautiful girls shown in the previous ads. They too have flawless bodies. Even though the girls are represented as â€Å"athletic† they most certainly don’t have the athletic style of body. The girls are very lean much like the models of any other stabilizing image. Even though the girls are shown with more clothes than the previous ads, the bare stomachs and exposed legs add to the sexuality of the ad. Also, written across the ad is the line, â€Å"For all the ways you play,† a sexual innuendo? I believe so. So at first glance this ad may seem to be a contradiction of modern societal views but it is still nothing more than a â€Å"complicated and bewitching tangle of new possibilities and old patterns of representation,†(Bordo 167) Advertisers follow trends in society. At the current time thin women are praised in our society. Advertisers know this and use these stereotypical women to promote their products. Many people, however, argue that people’s views are controlled by what they see. Therefore our nations infatuation with skinny women would supposedly have been started by advertisements. In the early part of the 1900’s, however, large women were the rage. Men were more interested in large busted, full figured women. As the nation grew, however, and became more health conscience there was a change to women of leaner statue. As our nation changed its perspective on women, the ads had to follow and give their public what it wanted. Now ads are filled with lean beautiful women because that is what people want to see. These are representations of what people wish they could look like. In all three of the ads I explained, beautiful women were used as an enhancement of their product. This is the trend found in all sorts of products. Skinny beautiful people are what our society wants to be and that is what the advertisers supply us with. 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