Monday, December 16, 2019

Marijuana’S Historic Misrepresentation Defines The Reasons

Marijuana’s historic misrepresentation defines the reasons behind its classification of this drug and why most Americans stand where they do on this issue. However, marijuana being released from the classification of a level 1 drug could definitely have a positive effect on our country. Lowering where it stands on the DEA’s drug classification schedule, would give marijuana the opportunity to become federally legal and have an impact throughout our entire country, rather than only those few open minded states. If marijuana wasn’t misclassified its medicinal properties would finally be fully explored, the people would be allowed to gain factual knowledge, prison and crime rate would drop, and the taxation of marijuana would benefit our†¦show more content†¦Flyers and posters were placed everywhere reading â€Å"Marijuana a puff- a party- a tragedy! Assassin of Youth(marijuana).† All sharing one common goal: convincing the public of the abominable drug that marijuana was being presumed to be. Then came the grand slam, the Reefer Madness film. The film’s main focus was how badly the teenage marijuana users were affected by the drug. These adolescents became unexplainably violent and deranged. The film even showed an extremely irrational behaviors, like suicide, because of how â€Å"potent† the high was. The movie was successfully advertised and pushed to be seen. Quickly after, this falsified idea of marijuana spread across the US like wildfire and its information was absorbed. Generation after generation carried on these false interpretations on cannabis. All medical miracles and its obvious economical benefits were lost due to blind ignorance and lack of knowledge. Marijuana has falsely been said to be highly addictive. Tobacco and alcohol have proven to be far more addictive than we are told. A comparative risk assessment using the margin of exposure(MOE) approach was taken to demonstrate the risk factor of many different drugs. MOE tested a wide range of substances: heroin, cocaine, cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol. In short, MOE: â€Å"Specifically, the results confirm that the risk of cannabis may have been overestimated in the past.† The four main substances that were

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