Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Marketing of NBA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing of NBA - Essay Example This will severely impede the ability of the NBA to expand beyond the United States. Most NBA teams are based in the United States, therefore a problem of geography will face any marketing efforts, as has happened in the past. Different languages may describe a slam-dunk with different words, but it is still unlikely, if not impossible, for a Beijinger to cheer the Bulls. To believe otherwise is nave. 2. For the NBA to enter Australia, a country obsessed with sports, may be practical in terms of microeconomic possibility, but it will still fail because NBA is an American sport. Australians have their own Australian Football League, also known as Aussie-rules football, the National Rugby League and the Super 12s, a competition played with teams from New Zealand and South Africa, that are all keen rugby union playing nations with a shared history of belonging in the Commonwealth. If establishing a team in Australia is an adjustment then this is what the NBA must do to become established in Australia. Sport is highly regionalized in Australia, and the NBA must have local support to generate Australian revenue.

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