Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Looking for Alaska Essay

In Looking for Alaska by John Green, the protagonist, Miles â€Å"Pudge† Halter, is very dynamic. In the beginning of the book, Pudge had no friends and was looking for what he calls the â€Å"Great Perhaps.† So he goes away to boarding school and meets â€Å"The Colonel†, Takumi, Lara, and Alaska. They were all immediate friends but Alaska and Pudge were drawn to each other. Pudge went from only having his mother and father at his going away party to having lifelong friends that really care about him. An important personality trait Pudge has that helps him grow throughout the story is How does the main conflict in the story impact the protagonist’s development? (Think about how the conflict gets resolved and its influences on the protagonist) Reader’s Discovery In Looking for Alaska, John Green demonstrates that even after tragedy, life always goes on. Connecting Literature to Reality All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. To me, this quote means that not all changes are for the better. Sometimes things happen that make someone or something worse than before. A change can either be good or bad; a step forward or backward. Examples: 1) If one or both of your parents lose their job, then that could be a bad change for your whole family. You might not be able to afford some things. 2) Failing a grade could be considered a step back instead of a step forward. 3) Having a serious injury could also be a step backward. You might not be able to do as much as before.

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