Sunday, November 3, 2019

Writer's Autobiography Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writer's Autobiography - Assignment Example The fact remains that there were many sources that influenced me to learn new languages. Back in school, I had students in my class from different parts of the world. Since I have always been a person who would like to be social and communicate to people, I was able to learn and grasp meanings of different languages. However, every language was very different from each other. But friend Francis who was a French student brought challenges for me. Every day, Francis and I were used to learn different words. This was quiet challenging for me because English was a common language that was spoken in our school and community but French was a very rare language. Later on, Francis gave me an idea that I should write small notes in French so that I could learn them and memorize for the rest of my life. In this ways, I was able to write in French which appeared impressive for my family members and other friends. Despite getting interested in learning French, I continued my learning patterns of English writing as well. Similarly, I became friends with a Muslim student in my class named Akbar. He was from Saudi Arabia that is considered as a primary origin of Arabic language. Akbar was less confident about his language for which he kept ignoring my request about helping me learn Arabic. But with the passage of time, he was able to share his experiences and reasons behind becoming less confident about his language. These reasons included racial discrimination and partiality in the neighborhood. But I made sure that Akbar was able to feel proud of his language. I always appreciated him and his language which is a truth in itself. I have always become inspired by Arabic language as I watched films involving Arabic characters. After a while, I started using a fusion manner of writing where French, English and Arabic would come in concordance. However, this way of writing bothered by teachers a lot but I knew that

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